Leighton Buzzard About Us Page

Thank you for visiting our web-site and hi everyone, our names are Stephen and Gillian & we became excited about online sites approximately 9 yrs ago.

We created this site, using an idea that we have been developing for a while now, giving us an outstanding feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction, it was a lot of fun to do, maddening now and again, though in due course satisfying.

User-friendly and uncomplicated websites are our target, and websites that wont frighten away our audience with many pesky pop-up windows, routinely striving to sell you rubbish that you don't want.

We routinely strive to present something helpful on every article, while we aren't embarrassed to admit that we all need to get a modest revenue when feasible, to to help keep all our websites running, current and on the web.

It is our hope that you may have the same amount of fun going through the internet site, as we experienced creating it, we can then be satisfied that we have accomplished our task effectively.

Enjoy, Gill and Stephen - August 2014.