Leighton Buzzard About Us Page

Hello there and here you are at our online site, our names are Gill and Steve and we begun putting together sites some yrs ago (approximately ten yrs ).

This Leighton Buzzard website was made, employing a notion that we have already been implementing for some time now, it definitely was plenty of fun to try and do, stressful now and again, but in the end worthwhile, supplying an exceptional feeling of fulfillment and pleasure.

With luck this web site probably will not frighten you off due to wearisome pop-up windows, continually attempting to offer you crap and also demand that you join for a newsletter you usually do not want to receive (filling your email inbox with junk).

Although we are not reluctant to admit the point that we do need to try to generate a a bit of revenue from our sites, in an effort to keep everything on line and functioning, we do at all times seek to supply you with content which is worthwhile for all of our welcome readers on almost every article of the website.

We shall be truly thankful, if you'll have equally as much fun checking out the site like we certainly had producing it, then the task is performed.

Have fun, Steve and Gill - March 2014.